Friday, April 12, 2013

The Passion of the Play

Another offering for National Poetry Month.

This is for all those who feel that sports is incapable of being an art, or poetry, or beauty.  (I don't think any of those read my blog, but I suppose you never know.)

the passion of the play

You throng who find in contests but
an infinite procession of
bats, balls, and running, jumpingwhat
you miss!  (Look at the sky above:
Do you see only endless dots?
Or in the rolls of history,
but names and datesbereft of thoughts
and love, and prideexclusively?
A narrative from breath to breath
we savor in our champion's flight:
War without anger, without death;
Force without peril, without spite.
Drink you of whiskey or of wine,
imbibe you spirited design!

Copyright © 2013 Brian Tung

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