Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Let's Play the Last Line Game!

Possible last lines for AMC's Mad Men.

Status Quo is God: "Don.  Don Draper."

Status Quo is God (subverted): "Dick.  Dick Whitman."

Wrong Series: "Everything is all right."

Pete Campbell Being Pete Campbell: "Oh Peggy."

Matt Weiner, You Should Be Ashamed of Yourself: "I'm faaaaaalllllliiiiinnnnnngggggg."

The Long Con: "I always thought my death would be meaningless, and whaddyaknow."  (And who do you think would say that, huh?  Hint: The actor's name rhymes with "flattery.")

It Was a Long Summer, Charlie Brown: "What are you talking about?  You never liked working here."

Some of these are serious, honest!  I figure I'll keep adding to this list, to enhance the chances I guess the real one by sheer numbers.

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